Great Hill via Brinscall (6 miles)

Charming woodland trails to scenic moorland views, crammed full with nature, what’s not to love about our Great Hill walk!

great hill chorley lancashire. by lancashire lads

Great Hill via Brinscall
Location; Chorley, Lancashire
Distance; 6+ miles
Difficulty; Easy / Medium

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Great Hill Walk

We start our 6 mile hike from the lovely little village of Brinscall on the outskirts of Chorley, Lancashire.

Park up on Lodge Bank, Brinscall… either on the swimming baths car park or simply anywhere on the right, further down Lodge Bank.

Proceed down Lodge Bank until we meet a crossroads.

lodge bank brinscall chorley. lancashire lads walks.
lodge bank brinscall lancashire

Look out for birdlife by the road… big and small!

brinscall woods. great hill walk. lancashire walks by lancashire lads.

Turn left, cross through the gate and begin climbing up the cobbled path weaving up through the woods. Around April – June expect to see lots of bluebells around the woods.

Continue the climb until we meet a T junction πŸ™‚

brinscall woods. captured by lancashire lads. best lancashire walks.

We will be returning from our 6 mile walk through this gate to the right. For now, turn left and follow the path round until we reach a stream on the bend in front of us.

You should also notice a warn trail going off to the right. Jump up onto this trail and proceed climbing some more through the woods.

brinscall woods. captured by lancashire lads.
brinscall woods. lancashire lads. great hill walk lancashire
take the left trail…

As we approach the fork in the road, take the trail to the left. Ultimately both will lead to where we want to go, but the left path is just better / more scenic!

brinscall woods by lancashire lads. naturewithtom
lancashire lads walks. credit @naturewithtom @hearnytravels
lancashire lads. great hill walk

Proceed to the top of the woods, following the path round up to the right with the moors on our left. Expect fallen trees and part of an old rocky farm ruin along the way…

lancashire lads. great hill via brinscall woods. 6 mile walk.
@naturewithtom photo of brinscall woods. lancashire lads walks
brinscall woods. great hill walk by lancashire lads. @naturewithtom photo credit @naturewithtom

Eventually we will reach an opening, with a stile and clear path heading up on to the moors. This is where our time in Brinscall Woods comes to an end (for now). great hill walk via brinscall woods

It can be a little exposed on the moors so make sure you are well hydrated and protected from the sun.

lancashire lads. best walks in lancashire. great hill via brinscall.

We continue uphill, weaving up the hillside with stunning views off to the right towards White Coppice, Chorley and Rivington.

lancashire lads. best walks in lancashire. great hill.

Eventually we join up with the road which effectively takes us all the way to the foot of Great Hill.

Look back for a cracking view over Brinscall.

lancashire lads. best walks in lancashire. great hill.
great hill walk by lancashire lads

Look out for Darwen Tower and Winter Hill along the way.

darwen tower. jubilee tower. lancashire walks. great hill. by lancashire lads
winter hill. via great hill walk. by lancashire lads.

The cotton plants come through truly beautiful at certain times of the year!

cotton plants lancashire great hill walk. by lancashire lads
great hill via brinscall by lancashire lads.

Views for days looking back whilst heading for Great Hill!

lancashire lads. great hill via brinscall. @naturewithtom
great hill walk via brinscall. @naturewithtom

Eventually we make it to the foot of Great Hill! Nothing complex here, just continue to climb πŸ™‚

great hill via brinscall. lancashire lads @naturewithtom great hill walk via brinscall. lancashire walks

When these infamous paves come into view, we know we’re at the top! This path never gets old… love it up here!

great hill walk lancashire. lancashire lads.
top of great hill. lancashire lads @naturewithtom best walks in lancashire

Again, more stunning views from the top! Take a moment, have a break, take it all in πŸ™‚

view from great hill lancashire
great hill views lancashire

If we get lucky, we could see some nice birdlife at the top or around the area whilst walking.

birdlife lancashire. great hill walk by lancashire lads
birdlife great hill lancashire

Ok we’ve had enough break time, let’s now push on with the walk!

Head off down the other side of Great Hill following the paves with Winter Hill in the distance. This path does lead to Winter Hill, but that’s for another day!

We will be coming off this path shortly, turning right at the next stile.

great hill walk. lancashire lads
lancashire lads. great hill via brinscall 6 mile walk in lancashire.

This next stretch is like something from Africa with many beautiful wind swept trees!

lancashire lads. @hearnytravels great hill walk via brinscall

Follow the path down the side of Great Hill. We will be heading for White Coppice from here.

Take the stile slightly off to the left as we descend, leading us into the trees.

@hearnytravels lancashire lads walks. great hill via brinscall. best walks in lancashire
great hill walk lancashire. brinscall chorley walks.
great hill lancashire. best walks chorley brinscall. by lancashire lads.

Continue on the path towards a beautiful valley. Take one last look at Great Hill if needed πŸ™‚

great hill via white coppice. best walks lancashire by lancashire lads.
white coppice walk. lancashire. great hill. lancashire lads.

Continue through the valley until we reach White Coppice.

Look out for some hidden gems along the way.

white coppice waterfall. lancashire lads walks.
white coppice walks. great hill via brinscall. lancashire lads. best walks in chorley lancashire.
great hill walk. lancashire lads
Another walk… another suspect gate haha!!
white coppice. lancashire.

Follow the path around to the right, crossing the fallen stone wall, joining back onto the descending main path.

lancashire lads walks. white coppice. great hill.

When we reach the bottom, turn right!

We are now on the path back to Brinscall Woods.

white coppice. lancashire. great hill walk. lancashire lads.
walk between white coppice and brinscall
brinscall walks white coppice. by lancashire lads walks.

When we make it to the edge of Brinscall Woods, rather than take the ‘easy option’ heading back to Brinscall via the goit, turn off to the right and begin climbing through the woodlands again (on the wide gravel path).

This isn’t official ‘public footpath’ on our map but it’s a great scenic finish back with more nature, avoiding sometimes thick mud on the goit with horses, dogs and people.

This alternative will also bring us back to the cobbled path from the start of our walk.

brinscall woods. lancashire lads walks.
brinscall woods. lancashire lads.

Once you reach the gate (spotted at the start of our walk), turn left back down through the woods along the cobbled track, returning to Lodge Bank and Brinscall Lodge.

Thank you for checking out our 6 mile Great Hill via Brinscall walk!

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