Eaves Wood, Silverdale (3 miles)

Discover Eaves Wood, Silverdale, with stops at an abandoned quarry, Arnside Castle and The Pepper Pot viewpoint. Lot’s to cram in for just a 3 mile walk!

eaves wood silverdale. lancashire walks by lancashire lads

Eaves Wood
Location; Silverdale, Lancashire
Distance; 3 Miles
Biggest Climb; 200ft
Difficulty; Easy

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Eaves Wood Walk

We start our walk from the free carpark just off Park Road. It’s not the biggest parking area, so do try and get to this spot early so not to miss out on a space… we’ve found ourselves parking on the roadside a few times.

eaves wood silverdale. lancashire walks

Once you’re all parked up, proceed towards the far end of the car park, through the gate sign posted Eaves Wood (by the National Trust). Within 100 yards we will be turning right… don’t miss it!!

silverdale walks. lancashire lads. best lancashire walks.

If you do, don’t worry, we can always turn right at the end of the main path anyway πŸ™‚

eaves wood walk. arnside silverdale walks. by lancashire lads

Stay on this track now for no more than 250 feet (0.16 miles), until you reach a fork in the road. Take the path to the right, which will shortly lead us to our first stop after a further 300 metres or so; the hidden, abandoned quarry!

eaves wood walk in silverdale lancashire.
eaves wood walk. silverdale.
woodland walk near silverdale arnside lancashire.

At some point you will pass through a stone wall opening… notice the path up to the left?? This takes you up to the quarry. Go and take a look!!

eaves wood walk by lancashire lads
quick pit stop… turn left here!!
path to quarry. silverdale eaves wood.

You won’t believe the views from up here… such a cool open space, hidden in the heart of Eaves Wood!

quarry silverdale. lancashire walks. eaves wood.

We always stop here for a quick breather, sometimes even scrambling down into the pit, enjoying the peace and quiet (yes we are less than a mile in, but hey ho!)

silverdale walks. lancashire walks under 5 miles. quarry in eaves wood.
quarry eaves wood. silverdale walks under 5 miles.

Once you’ve got your ‘moneys worth’ from the quarry, to continue, head back towards the path we were on (where the stone wall is). Turn left when re-joining, now descending down from the woodlands, passing the lower (gated off) entry to the quarry.

eaves wood public footpath. lancashire walks. silverdale.

You should see signs for the public footpath, adjacent to a train track…

lancashire lads walks. silverdale eaves wood.

This is a LIVE track, so we advise dogs on leads near here!!

eaves wood walk. lancashire lads.

We aren’t crossing this train track, instead walk across the yard to re-join the public footpath, again adjacent with the train track. You should see a boggy stream to your right, eventually meeting a fork in the path. Keep left.

eaves wood lancashire. silverdale
eaves wood walk. visit lancashire. silverdale arnside walks.

We will be sticking to this path now for approx 3/4 of a mile, hugging the tree-line of Eaves Wood.

You should be able to see Arnside Knott on the right, another cracking walk in the area!

arnside knott. silverdale walks. eaves wood. lancashire walks by lancashire lads.

Eventually we will meet the end of this woodland path, with the only option to enter a field to our right… this is also where Arnside Castle resides!

arnside knott. arnside castle. silverdale walks. lancashire

Enter the field and head directly up the hill towards the Arnside Castle ruin. Another spot to chill out for 5 mins perhaps??

arnside castle walk. eaves wood silverdale lancashire
drone arnside castle walk. eaves wood silverdale lancashire. visit lancashire. lancashire walks under 5 miles.
arnside castle walk. eaves wood silverdale lancashire
arnside castle walk. eaves wood silverdale lancashire. walks under 5 miles in lancashire.

Once you’ve rehydrated and taken a few selfies, it’s time to push on. Circle around the back of Arnside Castle, towards the top left corner of the field… You will spot a gate and a stile with three paths going off in different directions. Two paths go off to the left, one to the right (through the gate).

Climb the stile (slightly to the left), opting for the middle path of the three total. Unsure which path? Simply follow our GPS route for an accurate direction.

silverdale. eaves wood. best walks in lancashire.
eaves wood walk. visit lancashire.

Climb slightly uphill towards the swing gate. Put your dogs on leads as we will be passing through the Silverdale Holgates Holiday Parks.

holgates holiday parks silverdale lancashire. walks in silverdale.
holgates holiday park glamping pod.

Pass through Holgates Holiday Park, look ahead and you may spot a small public footpath sign, pointing towards another woodland trail, located by the side of the kids play area.

walks near holgates holiday park silverdale
eaves wood walk. lancashire silverdale.

Jump on this next trail and look out for views of Grange-Over-Sands through gaps in the trees on the right…

eaves wood walk. views to grange-over-sands from silverdale, lancashire.

After 300 metres or so sticking to this path, we should reach a stone wall. Pass through the gap, turning immediately left. We begin our climb up towards Pepperpot from here.

eaves wood national trust. walks silverdale lancashire.

It’s worth pointing out that it can get a little tricky knowing what path to take up here. We would advise you to follow our GPS route (top of page via Viewranger) so you don’t miss out on two fantastic view points.

eaves wood walk. silverdale lancashire. walks under 5 miles in lancashire. by lancashire lads

Follow the uneven path up for no more than 100 metres, taking the next right available, keeping right. Now there is no official public footpath leading to this first view point, but you should see a clear path to follow…

eaves wood walk in silverdale arnside. lancashire walks by lancashire lads.

The views of the beach and other coastal spots down below will blow you away!

silverdale beach view from eaves wood pepper pot. lancashire walks

We of course flew the drones from up here too… not bad views from up high!!

silverdale beach. lancashire walks. places to visit lancashire.

We often stop here as it’s a little quieter than the next view point, just around the corner… known as Pepperpot.

pepperpot silverdale lancashire. eaves wood walk.
Pepperpot, Silverdale
the pepperpot. silverdale walks. eaves wood. lancashire lads

The Pepperpot is a monument erected to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. They chose a stunning location for it, that’s for sure!

pepperpot silverdale eaves wood. lancashire walks.

Ready to move on? OK, with less than 1 mile left, let’s hop back onto the public footpath, beginning our descent back down through Eaves Wood. Once you rejoin, keep left for the next 150+ metres.

We should now be approaching this two path option. Keep right continuing down the hillside. Note, left actually takes you back towards the quarry (if you wish to revisit and return to the carpark from there). Otherwise, keep right for our quicker, alternative route.

eaves wood walk. lancashire. silverdale
eaves wood walk in lancashire.

Follow the path for the next 300 metres (0.2 miles), it should eventually begin to weave it’s way down the hillside.

eaves wood carpark. silverdale lancashire

You should see this sign… we’ve just come from the Pepperpot direction. We are instead looking to follow the direction for the carpark.

eaves wood walk in silverdale. by lancashire lads.

Once we have weaved to the foot of the woods, turn left, following the P sign. There are a couple of paths which lead back to the carpark, so don’t sweat your location if you don’t see this sign… instead just double check your GPS location and carry on to the finish πŸ™‚

eaves wood lancashire. silverdale
eaves wood. silverdale. walks lancashire

The main track along the bottom lasts for no more than 500 metres before we make our final right turn, back along the path we began our walk on, next to the carpark… and we’re DONE!! Walk complete.

Eaves Wood is certainly one of our favourites, here at Lancashire Lads!

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