Langden Brook Valley (4 miles)

Short scenic loop through the remote valley of Langden Brook, a favourite in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire.

Langden Brook Valley
Location; Marshaw, Lancashire
Distance; 3.8 Miles
Difficulty; Easy

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**Alternate (HARD) 6 Mile Route**

Not for the inexperienced hiker… this alternative route includes a hop over the brook (can get choppy in winter) and an ascent up and over the fells without clear path markings… but the hidden views down the next valley and the uneven adventure itself, makes this hard hike worth it!


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Langden Brook Valley

by Lancashire Lads

The Valley of Langden Brook in the Forest of Bowland provides a peach of a walk for all. Whether your a keen walker or looking for a nice family day out, this walk should not be missed.

langden brook valley. best walk in the forest of bowland. by lancashire lads

Boxed neatly between the Trough of Bowland and Dunsop Bridge, you won’t want to miss this scenic hike. The path we follow does push on in several directions for those looking for big milage walks, but for today, we will be focusing on our short & sweet 3.8 mile out-and-back loop.

Upon arrival to our starting pin of this walk, you should find multiple free parking spots roadside. There’s even a marker for this on google maps under the name ‘Langden Brook Car Park.’

langden brook car park, forest of bowland

Note, there are no toilets or other fixed facilities here, however sometimes you may spot a van serving up food and refreshments on hot summer days. I wouldn’t totally rely on this for the day of your visit, but it could be a nice bonus for at the end of the walk!

Once you’re parked up, follow the road entrance sign-posted ‘welcome to Langden’ and let’s begin…

langden brook walk, forest of bowland. by lancashire lads walks.

You may make a few friends as you head down the track πŸ™‚

langden brook horses. forest of bowland walks
black sheep langden brook walk. forest of bowland walks by lancashire lads.
herdwick sheep in forest of bowland. langden brook walk by lancashire lads.

Before long, you will approach a house by the side of the Langden Intake which is collecting relatively clean water, free from pollution, from Langden Brook itself. By pass the house to the right, following the road around until you get a clearer view of the intake, accompanied by a small woodland area.

langden intake. forest of bowland
langden brook intake. forest of bowland.

Once you’ve passed the intake, continuing along the main track (which turns into more of a rocky / gravel path now), you will find yourself in a nice big open space by the side of the brook…

langden brook walk in forest of bowland. by lancashire lads
langden brook. forest of bowland

On one of the days that we were here, there was a team operating a helicopter, delivering huge rocks to another part of the valley… what a treat to witness them in action throughout that days’ walk!

lancashire walks. langden brook. helicopter.

As you continue along this rocky road, eventually you will be met by a two way split… It’s time to make your choice! Do you stick to the low ground, or venture up HIGH for the slightly better views??

langden brook walk. forest of bowland walks by lancashire lads

It’s totally up to you, but we think climbing higher is ALWAYS the more fun option for this walk… check out the views!

langden brook walk. forest of bowland. purple heather in summer
looking back down langden brook valley. walk in forest of bowland. by lancashire lads
best walks in lancashire. langden brook valley by lancashire lads.

From here this walk is pretty straight forward. Eventually you will meet a folk in the road. Our advice would be to continue descending down to the ‘castle’ (shooters hut) to stop and have a moment down by the brook.

forest of bowland walks. langden brook by lancashire lads walks.
langden castle. langden brook valley walk in forest of bowland. by lancashire lads walks

Following this, once you’re ready, head back the same track and choose the alternate path on your way back to keep things fresh! If you chose the tougher climb to begin with, here’s your chance to enjoy a flatter path back πŸ™‚

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