Fairy Steps 5 mile walk, Beetham (Cumbria)

Legend has it, a fairy will grant your wish if you manage to climb this narrow, natural stone staircase. Up for the challenge? Beautiful 5 mile walk which has it all; deer, stunning views & more.

fairy steps walk milnthorpe. 5 mile walk cumbria. by lancashire lads.

Fairy Steps Walk
Location: Beetham, Milnthorpe
Distance: 5.4 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Coffee Stop: Beetham Nurseries Garden Centre

Thank you to Beetham Nurseries for sponsoring our Fairy Steps walk, supporting Lancashire Lads.

Full walk write up coming soon…

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beetham nurseries garden centre. cafe near fairy steps milnthorpe. by lancashire lads.
Beetham Nurseries served up a treat during our visit. Haddock fish cakes. Superb!
beetham nurseries secret garden in cumbria
If you visit in the summer, check out their secret garden.
beetham nurseries garden centre milnthorpe
So many beautiful flowers on display in their garden centre.

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